“Toilet paper” for smartphones introduced at Narita airport

Japan’s predominant mobile operator, NTT Docomo, has installed rolls of smartphone “toilet paper” in Tokyo’s Narita airport after a US report showed smartphone screens harbour more bacteria than a toilet seat, the Mainichi reported.

The smartphone sheets bear the message “Welcome to Japan” alongside information about Docomo’s Wi-Fi services in Japan. This comes after the Japanese Tourism Agency recently found that foreign visitors have trouble finding these internet services when travelling in Japan.

The smartphone rolls, which look like smaller versions of regular toilet paper, were installed on 16 December 2016 in 86 cubicles in Japan’s predominant international airport, Narita Tokyo and are due to remain until 15 March 2017, the Mainichi said. This airport handles 50 per cent of the country’s international passengers.

NTT Docomo is a play on words: an abbreviation of “do communications over the mobile network“, and reminiscent of “dokomo”, which means “everywhere” in Japanese.

With the advent of Docomo’s mobile toilet paper, it really is everywhere.

Source: The Mainichi


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